79 Years

About to celebrate our 80th birthday. It’s one thing to say it, but to actually understand the richness of The Mountain Shop’s history you need to really dive into what has been accomplished in the industry along the way.
The Mountain Shop was founded in 1937 in Portland, Oregon, focusing on the specialized needs of local skiers and climbers. The store quickly grew to include skis, ski rentals, specialty repairs, crampons, ice axes, and some of the very first metal edge skis ever sold in the world.
Today, the Mountain Shop focuses on those same activities, services, and forward-thinking principles on which it was founded. All employees must be avid climbers, skiers, snowboarders, backpackers, and lovers of every outdoor variation the Northwest has to offer.  Each department practices continuous collaboration with local clubs, groups, and non-profit organizations with the hopes of passing on passion for outdoor recreation.