Adventure Biking is here at the Mountain Shop. We are Portland’s full-service Bike Resource.

Our fleet of adventure bikes from Salsa Cycles and Volagi gives you access to a whole host of bikepacking and off-road adventures.

With 77 years of experience in backpacking and ultralight gear, and the addition of our bike-fitting studio last year, the Mountain Shop is your place to get ready to roll outside.

Bikepacking is off-road trail or fireroad touring on a bike, with ultra-light camping gear. This focus on ultra-light gear keeps your bike-handling nimble and comfortable. Some say the focus of bikepacking is enjoying the journey, but is also in equal parts about enjoying the destination.
Rent one of our adventure bikes, a set of bike-frame bags made by Revelate Designs, and any of our lightweight camping gear, and you’re ready to set out on your own bikepacking trip. Let us help you map out an amazing trip!



Salsa Horsethief 2
Price Per Day: $85


5”/130mm travel, alloy frame, SRAM 2×10, 29” wheels
Backcountry touring, singletrack


Salsa Fargo 3
Price Per Day: $60

3day: $150/7day $250

CroMoly frame, SRAM 2×10, 29” wheels
Bikepacking, off-road touring


Volagi Liscio
Price Per Day: $75

Carbon frame, Shimano 105/Ultegra/Ultegra Di2, 11-speed, 700c wheels
Long-distance road and off-road comfort

Salsa Spearfish 2

Salsa Spearfish 2
Price Per Day: $85


4”/100mm travel, alloy frame, SRAM 2×10, 29” wheels
Endurance, XC touring


Salsa Warbird 2
Price Per Day: $60

3day: $150/7day $250

Aluminum frame, carbon fork, Shimano 105, 700c wheels
Gravel racing


Volagi Viaje
Price Per Day: $75

CroMoly frame, carbon fork, Shimano 105 3×10, 700c wheels
Quiver killer, road/gravel explorer


Salsa Vaya 2
Price Per Day: $60

3day: $150/7day $250

CroMoly frame, Shimano 105 3×9, 700c wheels
All-around classic touring


Salsa Mukluk 2
Price Per Day: $60

3day: $150/7day $250

Alloy frame, SRAM 2×10, 26” x 3.8” wheels
Fatbiking, off-road touring

Bikepacking Bags
Price Per Day: $10

3day: $24/7day $36

Bags available to rent: Visacha, Pika, Sweetroll, Tangle (med or small)
Bikepacking, off-road touring, all-around classic touring


Salsa Fargo 2
Price Per Day: $60

3day: $150/7day $250

CroMoly frame, carbon fork, Thudbuster seatpost, SRAM 2×10, 29” wheels
Bikepacking, off-road touring


Salsa Vaya 3
Price Per Day: $60

3day: $150/7day $250

CroMoly frame, Shimano Sora 3×9, 700c wheels
All-around classic touring
  • You must be 18 years old (or accompanied by a parent/guardian) to rent bikes.
  • A valid ID and credit card are required at the time of rental.
  • Up to three rentals may be applied toward the purchase of new (non-sale) bikes, within six months.
  • Please note that we do not accept reservations.


Basic Tune Up
A great way to keep your Daily Driver up to the challenges of your next cycling adventure.
  • Full safety Check
  • Lubricate and adjust Drive Train, Shifting and Brakes
  • True wheels
  • Finish cleaning, roto-brushing and buffing with Fibertex,
Full Tune-Up
Soup to nuts maintenance tune up to make your bike feel like when it was new.
  • Full drivetrain cleaning, assessment, and adjustment
  • Adjust derailleurs and shifting function
  • Adjust Brakes and replace pads if necessary
  • True Wheels
  • Adjust all bearings, Lube all cables and chain
  • Additional charge for all parts, and/or Overnight Service
Full Phoenix Overhaul
$250 ($350 for Full Suspension)
Strip her to the bone, and bring her back to Life
  • Complete disassembly and cleaning of all parts and frame
  • Overhaul headset, bottom bracket, hubs, and brakes
  • Clean, tune, assess, and adjust all Drive Train components
  • Tape handlebars, change grips
  • Additional charge for all parts, and/or Overnight Service

Everyday Services Items

Bicycle Labor Rates$60 / Hour
Tire Service: change a tire or fix a flat$10
Adjust a derailleur front or rear$15
Replace derailleur cable / front or rear$20
Replace brake cable$20
Replace Spoke$25
Install chain$10
Install / Remove Cassette$10
Wheel truing / Minor$15
Wheel truing / Standard$20
Wheel truing / Major$30
Custom Wheel Build$75
Install fenders$30
Install / Remove Pedals$5
Install Saddle$5
Install Cleats$10