Here at the Mountain Shop we love Nordic skiing. It’s fun. It’s a great cardio workout. It’s a great activity for the whole family.

Nordic skiing is downright exhilarating!

So, we were especially happy to hear about the new updates at the Meadows Nordic Center. Here is their press release with the good news:


“Meadows Nordic is taking a major evolutionary stride forward.

We are pleased to announce that Maestro Sam Cordell will join your friends, on the Nordic Center staff, as creative force and Nordic representative in Meadows High Command. Mission Control will once again be under the guidance of Dale “The Skiing Fossil” Peters.

Nordic Center

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New this season:

  • Expanded early season skiing, with the entire Sahalie Falls trail, groomed to perfection from the first day of operation.
  • A new state of the art media center, featuring Nordic events streamed from around the world.
  • Coaching with video analysis will be offered, so that you too can ski like those mutants on the World Cup.
  • Expanded retail selection, including classic kick wax for the purist and weather visors for the hardcore.
  • Fuel your workout with new offerings from an expanded culinary menu.

As always, the Meadows Race Series will determine the survival of the fittest.

This season, don’t monkey around, dragging your knuckles. Use that opposable thumb as nature intended. Wrap it around your ski pole, lock in those bindings, and take the evolutionary leap with us.”

Trail Map

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