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Sandy Ridge: Winter Riding

Believe it or not, temps in the low 30′s don’t mean riding at Sandy Ridge is done for the season! Tuesday morning, a hardy crew from the Mountain Shop rolled out of bed at 5am, braved the bone chilling cold, and made the drive out to Sandy for some fall biking. Pulling into a snow covered parking lot we began second guessing… Read More »

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Six Moon Designs at the Mountain Shop

We are officially flattered. One of our favorite brands, Six Moon Designs, did a dealer profile on us. The following piece not only makes us blush, but also does a good job of explaining our belief in ultralight.   Specializing in carrying cottage-industry lightweight gear brands, the Mountain Shop in Portland, Oregon has carved a… Read More »

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Craggin’ Classic

What in the world is the Craggin’ Classic?! Glad you asked. The Craggin’ Classic is an annual climbing festival held at Smith Rock and hosted by the American Alpine Club and C.A.M.P. Running October 10th through 12th, the weekend is chalk full of awesome things! Start the weekend Friday evening with a Climber’s Party at… Read More »

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The Adventures of Gradie: National Dog Appreciation Day

Gradie, Mountain Shop dog here. And I’ve got GREAT news for all my four-legged friends: Today, August 26th, is National Dog Appreciation Day! That’s right! An entire day dedicated to celebrating all that we do for our humans. Finally, some recognition for all of the invaluable squirrel chasing. Just think about how many squirrels there would be… Read More »

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The Adventures of Gradie: Part II

Hi there! It’s me, Gradie the Mountain Shop dog again. Just finished taking my owner for a walk, so I thought I’d finish telling you the story of how I came to Portland. When we last left off, I was getting wind up my nose as we drove away from Joe’s Valley, UT. Now my human and… Read More »

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Photography Basics, by Guest Blogger Todd Medema

It’s standard practice for a post about the core ideas or values of photography to talk about things like “lighting” and “composition” and “focal lengths.” That’s how people are expected to learn photography. But, you know what? After years of photography, I’ve found that those posts mean almost nothing in the field. If you focus… Read More »

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Post STP Thoughts

Another STP has come and gone. And, man, what a trip! This was my second time riding the Seattle to Portland, so I assumed it would go more smoothly than last year. This time I knew what to expect (see my previous blog, 6 Must-Do’s for the STP), and, in a lot of respects, I was… Read More »

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6 Must-Do’s for the STP…or any long bike ride

The Group Health Seattle to Portland Bike Ride (more commonly known as the STP) is this weekend! 10,000 people will mount their trusty steeds (more commonly known as bikes) and ride 200 miles from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR. The scenic route wanders through valleys, forests, farmlands, and quaint towns. Most riders will do the ride in… Read More »

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Wy’East Nordic’s Tele & AT Camp Blew My Mind

It may sound like an exaggeration to come right out and say that Shelley Hakanson’s weekend Tele/AT Camp (and bonus pre-camp tour on Friday) was life-changing, but that is the most accurate way to describe my skiing transformation. Wow. Backing up a bit… Wy’east Nordic, Shelley’s outfit, set up a fun tour day on Friday before… Read More »

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Our New Adventure Biking Program Has Hatched!

Adventure Biking is alive and well at the Mountain Shop! We started our official launch with a shop party – to be followed by more, so no long faces if you missed it.   Here are a few of our bikes, packs, and camping gear, all of which you can rent. We’ve been doing fast-and-light… Read More »

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The Adventures of Gradie: Part I

My name is Gradie, but many of you know me as the Mountain Shop dog. Probably because last time you were in I ran up and asked for pets…or treats…I like treats. My mom said I could have my very own blog series all about my adventures! I like this. Since I am a dog… Read More »

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Why You Should Take the Time to Travel

This is my first day back to work in a month. A whole glorious 31 days free of cellphones, emails, and to do lists. It seemed appropriate that the first blog I write upon my return should be an attempt to persuade people to do the same thing. So prepare for some serious persuasion as… Read More »

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