Last night Castle hosted it’s first Build Your Own Splitboard Night (BYOSB), and we were so happy to see so many people show up. More than twenty of you crammed into Castle to drink beer and watch Jordan tear some boards apart with power tools. We’re pleased to report only minor injuries, and most of those were snowboards not spectators.
Jordan went through the process of cutting, sealing and mounting your would-be splitboards. Demonstrating as he went and narrating how he navigates around the perils and pitfalls that he’s come up against in his many years of making his own boards. We’re confident that everyone learned something, even if it was that you really DON’t want to try this at home. But most left with the confidence (or ego) to hunker down in their basement or garage and go to town.We hope everyone had a great time, we sure did. We’ll see you all in the backcountry. Be safe back there!
Finishing off the tail with a hand saw.

Jordan showing off a new splitboard.

Spectators inspecting the freshly split board.

Preparing to mount the hardware.

Mounting the hardware.

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