Today we received an email from Dynafit that informed us of a recent increase in the number of Radical binding climbing aid (heel riser) breakages. The good news is the problem does not appear to be a serial or safety issue. At this point, the problem is being seen in a very limited number of cases (0.17% of all Radical bindings sold to date according to Dynafit). Currently in store we’ve seen 1 breakage of this type of the 51 Radical bindings we’ve sold. It is not a safety concern when the climbing aid breaks, however, Mountain Shop and Dynafit regret every single case and are super sorry, we know how challenging it is to be in the backcountry with broken gear!
In researching the cause, Dynafit has determined a small number of the climbing aids are experiencing “hydrogen embrittlement,” which causes the metal plate in the climbing aid apparatus to be weaker than designed. (For you engineers out there, Hydrogen embrittlement is “the process by which various metals, most importantly high-strength steel, become brittle and fracture following exposure to hydrogen. Hydrogen embrittlement is often the result of unintentional introduction of hydrogen into susceptible metals during forming or finishing operations.”) Hydrogen embrittlement cannot be completely excluded from the manufacturing process, but Dynafit has improved their production process to further reduce cases from happening. This production change is in place for all future production.

Dynafit stands behind their products 100%, and we will work with them to replace and repair all affected bindings at no charge. If you have experienced this problem, please contact us.

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