In the fall of 2009 the decision to pull product off of our website was made, mostly for financial reasons. The economy was not being kind to anyone and the return simply didn’t warrant the investment at the time. It has always been our philosophy that, whatever we do, we must do it to the best of our ability. We were not in a position to do that with our website in 2009. We now feel we are able to run an online segment of our business.

We believe it is necessary for all outdoor stores to have a retail presence on the internet. It opens up a larger market, which increases sales. We aren’t simply trying to make more money, though that is certainly important. With increased sales and a broader customer base, we will be able to offer all of our customers a greater variety of products. It also allows us to bring in new categories. This year we have expanded to include stand-up paddle and surf boards!

It is not our intention to compete with online giants like REI and, rather, we merely hope to make enough money to continue our ski/climbing bum lifestyles, while providing you with more options and the same great service we’ve always had.

I am doing much of the work myself, and I am certainly going to miss things. Our online catalog will continue to grow as I put items online. If you have corrections, comments or suggestions for how we can make our site better please contact me.

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