With the 4th of July being a popular weekend for a climb of Mt. Hood’s South Side, and with the weather forecast as beautiful as it is, we felt it important to provide a conditions update.

The bergschrund has finally opened, and with the Hogsback in a direct line with the Pearly Gates it poses a dangerous obstacle for a climb of that route. We strongly encourage climbers to abandon the Pearly Gates route in favor of the Old Chute.

The last week has brought light snow to the upper portions of the mountain. While the accumulation wasn’t significant, or even measurable, it may have been enough to cover a small section of a crevasse. Give the bergschrund and other crevasses plenty of space and probe the snow as you pass by.

Finally, the weather forecast is for sunny, clear skies, this means a ton of climbers. If you insist on climbing be cautious and courteous to other climbers.

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