From the beginning our focus has always been on excellent quality and service. This is perhaps best represented in our tuning shop, where our best service to you is the quality of the tunes we produce. This year we made a big investment in our ability to service you, our customers, by purchasing one of the best possible base grinding machines on the market. The Wintersteiger Sigma RS gives us the ability to tune at a previously unattainable level of quality.
In addition to the single stone grinding we’ve had in the past, the Sigma RS also provide:

  • Centering for exact symmetrical structures
  • Servo-controlled pressure compensation allows for even pressure over the entire length of the ski/snowboard when using a binding bridge
  • The software on the Sigma RS can also set parameters for a specific structure that can be determined automatically based on the input selection of:

  • Snow/air temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Type of snow
  • Discipline
  • The unlimited variation of diverse structures can be reached with such features as variable controlled stone and dresser speeds, a multiple-stage diamond depth and the adjustable dresser inclination that can be selected in stages. These aspects in combination with the special racing diamonds from Wintersteiger can create center-related structures such as the arrow structure, super-imposed structures and even structures related to the ski and snowboard width. (See some of the pattern options in the picture below.)
    There is no machine like this anywhere within 500 miles! We now offer the best possible ski tuning for alpine ski racers, nordic ski racers, snowboard racers and any winter sports enthusiast who wants better performance or who wants to take great care of their gear.

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