Oregon Public Broadcasting’s (OPB) Oregon Field Guide, recently aired a special on climbing Mount Hood. The half hour special titled “Mount Hood: Climbing Oregon’s Highest Peak,” takes a look at the history of Mount Hood’s notable climbs, climbers, characters and tragedies. It recieved great reviews from all of us here at the shop, and, more notably, the Oregonian.
Oregon Field Guide’s description:

From all around our region, Mt Hood sits on the horizon like a tantalizing gem. Who hasn’t dreamed of climbing it? In fact, people come from around world to do just that. But as Oregonians, we’re lucky enough to have it in our own back yard. Jule Gilfillan explores the history, challenges and rewards of climbing our highest peak.

We here at Mountain Shop have always had a great relationship with the folks at OPB and Oregon Field Guide, and we are proud to have geared the crew up for this and a number of their other climbs.

Let us help you with your climb of Mt. Hood. We have rental equipment, the internet’s best guide to climbing Mt. Hood’s South Side routes, as well as a wealth of personal experiences and recommendations.

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