Mountain Shop services range from custom fitting boots, bikes, backpacks, skis and gear in order for you to perform at your best.
Our professional staff can tune your bikes and skis for the conditions you are riding in, fit your boots for comfort whether you are carving or climbing, and we can fix stuff when you bust it. We use the same technologically advanced tools as the US Ski team to provide the quality of service expected at the Center for Excellence in Park City Utah.


Edge Tune & Hand Iron Wax
Our quick tune will get you sliding faster and turning better.

  • Edges sharpened with ceramic disk edger, tips & tails detuned to the contact point
  • All-conditions hydrocarbon wax applied and finished

Mountain Shop Full Tune
At this level we will give you a tune up allowing you to ride faster, longer, and with less fatigue. Our cutting edge technology inscribes a custom pattern into your bases which is designed to increase glide and efficiency maximizing your skiing experience.

  • Edges sharpened to a 1-bevel on the base, 1-degree on the edge, with tips & tails detuned to the contact point
  • Base inspection for minor p-tex repair and flattening for convex/concave base irregularities
  • Diamond-etched stone ground base structuring for optimal performance, customized structure for our local conditions (structures for non-local snow conditions also available)
  • Finish cleaning, roto-brushing and buffing with Fibertex
  • Location and snow-type specific hydrocarbon hand iron wax, cooled, scraped, and finished to perfection

A surcharge of $10 for Snowboard tunes and $20 for Splitboard tunes will be assessed for the removal and reinstallation of bindings and/or split hardware. This surcharge is waived if boards are brought in without any bindings or hardware.

Custom Tune and Hot Box Wax
Our custom tuning package gives Nordic and Alpine skiers a US Ski Team quality tune right here in Portland. Our Mountain Shop Full Tune plus the following:

  • Customized base structure for target venue and snow conditions – choose from dozens of proven profiles or create your own
  • Antistatic treatment to minimize electrostatic friction
  • Base penetrating fluorocarbon wax applied and held at 55-57C for 3 hours in hotbox to ensure full base saturation
  • Additional application of customer’s choice for “wax of the day”
  • Meticulously scraped, brushed and polished to perfection


Base Cleaning & Prep
Old wax & dirt is removed from ski/snowboard bases by applying specific hot base prepping wax and hot scraping followed by roto brushing with fine steel (Recommended for all skis and snowboard receiving a hot wax and hot boxing that have not been tuned first). Additional hot scraps $5 each note the more the better.
Hand Ironed Wax
Skis/snowboards receive an all conditions hydrocarbon wax, and then are cooled, scraped, and brushed.
Basic Hotbox Wax
Skis/boards receive an antistatic treatment, a warm hydrocarbon wax, then are placed in the hotbox and held at 54-57C for 3 hour complete saturation of the wax. Skis are cooled, scraped, and brushed.
Advanced Hotbox Wax
Same as above service but with an treatment of the "wax of the day" (provided by the customer) which is ironed in, cooled, scraped, brushed and polished.


Base Repairs
$10 min
Single to multiple base scrapes filled. Recommended combining with one of our full tuning packages.
Radical Base Repairs
Rates Vary
Epoxy, base weld, base patch, or edge replacements. Recommended combining with one of our full tuning packages above.


PLEASE REMEMBER To bring the following with you to be mounted: 1. Skis/Board | 2. Bindings | 3. Both Boots
Alpine Mount
Save on mounting costs when you purchase boot, binding and/or skis from us!$25 w/purchase
Alpine Touring, Telemark, & System Mount
Save on mounting costs when you purchase boot, binding and/or skis from us!$20 w/purchase
Snowboard Mount
Save on mounting costs when you purchase boot, binding and/or board from us!$10 w/purchase
Cross Country Mount
Save on mounting costs when you purchase boot, binding and/or skis from us!$10 w/purchase
Alpine Binding Adjustment
Adjustments to boot with Speedtronic calibrated DIN settings.$15 w/purchase


Skin Trim
$10 w/ Purchase
Skin Re-glue
Quiver Killer Installation (includes astm)
$110 per set
Pieps Beacon Upgrade

BCA Cannister refill