My name is Gradie, but many of you know me as the Mountain Shop dog. Probably because last time you were in I ran up and asked for pets…or treats…I like treats.

My mom said I could have my very own blog series all about my adventures! I like this. Since I am a dog and have no thumbs, this should be interesting. People walking into the Shop keep looking at me funny, like they’ve never seen a dog type at a keyboard before.

The first story I want to tell you is my first story, the story of how I came to live in Portland.

You see, I was born in Orangeville, UT. Never heard of it? Can’t blame you. The only reason to know Orangeville is Joe’s Valley, arguably one of the premier bouldering crags in the states, if not the world.

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I was living in this small town in central Utah, hanging out in front of the one store in town when my new mom found me. She pulled up in a dust covered Subaru that screamed dog person. I loved my new master instantly! She scratched my ears just right, in that way that makes my leg thump.

The next day we went bouldering. My legs were pretty short, but I majestically waddled down the trail, just happy to have a new family. I don’t think my mom was planning on finding a puppy while on her roadtrip, so I didn’t even have a collar or leash yet, (Which I did not mind at all) but I was a good dog and followed her.

Bouldering is a funny human thing. They find rocks, big rocks, and then climb to the top, jump down, and do it again on a different rock. There must be really good things to smell up there…like squirrel things.


Regardless of my human’s weird antics, I loved Joe’s Valley! ┬áSpeaking of love, how cute was I? I mean I’m cute now, but sheesh, I was an adorable puppy! Just look at those almond eyes and that sweet bandana.

A fun fact about me, blue is my favorite color. Well, second only to the color squirrel. I love squirrels.

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Anyways, back to my story…

Joe’s Valley was a short lived adventure, as we woke up to this weird white stuff all over us one morning. Mom packed up our camp and we hit the road. I even got to sit in the front seat like a big dog!

With Joe’s Valley fading into the rearview mirror I knew we were on an awesome adventure. Maybe we would even find some squirrels for me to chase…

This story is long and it takes me a long time to type since I have no opposable thumbs. I’ll finish my story next time. But now I must go pee on my favorite tree in front of the Shop. It is a good tree.

See you next time!

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