Ok, so it isn’t new, or really even changed from last winter. But, the Scarpa Maestraleis worth mentioning here.First, let me just say that we were stunned by the response to Maestrale’sintroduction last winter. It was our number one selling AT boot. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised, at $599 it’s one of the least expensive Dynafit compatible AT boots on the market, and it’s the lightest 4-buckle boot on the market. Still we sold a ton of these. Why you ask?The Maestrale is a great value, as I said, but the performance is stunning. For such a light boot, the forward and lateral flex is amazing, thanks in part to the 4-buckle design. But the real genius of the Maestrale is it’s tongue. The Maestrale’s tongue is a single ridged piece that rotates to the outside to allow you to get in. The result is a tong that doesn’t hinge at any point during forward flex.
The Maestrale also has an incredible fit, that is very different than what we’ve come to expect from Scarpa. Most Scarpa AT boots are high volume with a wider forefoot. Definitely comfortable, but the volume in particular causes heel slip for customers whose feet don’t fill up the boot. Not the Maestrale, it is a lower volume fit with a medium-wide forefoot. That means all the toe room and none of the heel slip. Though this may not work for high volume feet, it does fit more people. The other thing we love is the angle and position of the instep buckle that pulls your heel back and locks it down, and because it sits below the upper cuff, you can leave it tight while you tour without sacrificing the range of the walk mode.

Now for the new: for winter 2011/2012 Scarpa will begin selling the Maestrale in a 32! That’s right, a 32. For those of you unfamiliar with Mondo Point sizing, a 32 is equivalent to almost a US size 16! We plan on stocking the bigger sizes, but not many. If you think you’re interested please contact us so we can have an idea about how many we might need to stock.For more information on the Scarpa Maestrale you can visit the Scarpa website, or read this great review from Gear Institute.

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