Basic Tune Up
A great way to keep your Daily Driver up to the challenges of your next cycling adventure.
  • Full safety Check
  • Lubricate and adjust Drive Train, Shifting and Brakes
  • True wheels
Full Tune-Up
Soup to nuts maintenance tune up to make your bike feel like when it was new.
  • Full drivetrain cleaning, assessment, and adjustment
  • Adjust derailleurs and shifting function
  • Adjust Brakes and replace pads if necessary
  • True Wheels
  • Adjust all bearings, Lube all cables and chain
  • Additional charge for all parts, and/or Overnight Service
Full Phoenix Overhaul
$250 ($350 for Full Suspension)
Strip her to the bone, and bring her back to Life
  • Complete disassembly and cleaning of all parts and frame
  • Overhaul headset, bottom bracket, hubs, and brakes
  • Clean, tune, assess, and adjust all Drive Train components
  • Tape handlebars, change grips
  • Additional charge for all parts, and/or Overnight Service

Everyday Services Items

Bicycle Labor Rates$60 / Hour
Clean (Frame and Wheels)$15
Drive Train Clean$40
Install chain$10
Install / Remove Cassette$10
Adjust a derailleur front or rear$15
Replace derailleur cable / front or rear$20
Brake adjustment$15
Install Brake Pads$10
Replace brake cable$20
Hydraulic brake bleed$30
Tire Service: change a tire or fix a flat$10
Replace Spoke$25
front hub overhaul (labor only)$15
rear hub overhaul (labor only)$25
Wheel truing / Minor$15
Wheel truing / Standard$20
Wheel truing / Major$30
Custom Wheel Build$75
Install fenders$30
Install Saddle$5
Install / Remove Pedals$5
Install Cleats$5
Bike Assembly (New from vendor in box)$60
Custom Bike Assembly (frame up)$250