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Remembering Dasan

Today people lucky enough to have known him are gathering to remember the short, but full life of Dasan Marshall. In honor of this, we wanted to share one of our fondest memories of Dasan with those who love him. This story is from Jeremy Rooper, longtime friend of Dasan. “I got to know Dasan… Read More »

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Big Nordic News!

Here at the Mountain Shop we love Nordic skiing. It’s fun. It’s a great cardio workout. It’s a great activity for the whole family. Nordic skiing is downright exhilarating! So, we were especially happy to hear about the new updates at the Meadows Nordic Center. Here is their press release with the good news:  … Read More »

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Thanksgiving is a time for appreciating everything that we have: family, friends, good food to eat, beautiful mountains to play in, and so much more. Thus, it seems more than a little ironic that this day of thanks is followed immediately by a bargain hunting fueled shopping frenzy, that in recent years has been happening… Read More »

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Whippet Recall

Black Diamond makes excellent products, but even the greats are effected by the occasional flaw. Luckily, BD’s number one concern is customer safety. Thus they have issued the following recall on Whippets. Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd. in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), voluntarily announced a recall of a limited number of… Read More »

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Six Moon Designs at the Mountain Shop

We are officially flattered. One of our favorite brands, Six Moon Designs, did a dealer profile on us. The following piece not only makes us blush, but also does a good job of explaining our belief in ultralight.   Specializing in carrying cottage-industry lightweight gear brands, the Mountain Shop in Portland, Oregon has carved a… Read More »

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Photography Basics, by Guest Blogger Todd Medema

It’s standard practice for a post about the core ideas or values of photography to talk about things like “lighting” and “composition” and “focal lengths.” That’s how people are expected to learn photography. But, you know what? After years of photography, I’ve found that those posts mean almost nothing in the field. If you focus… Read More »

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Our friends over at OR Bike produce a monthly newsletter with all the latest, greatest, and most upcomingest cycling centric events around the state. Turns out Oregonians are pretty big on biking, and as the weather begins to change, the events calendar begins to fill up. (Photo above by taken by Jared Kay of… Read More »

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Climb Like a Girl: International Women’s Month

March is International Women’s Month. That’s right, an entire month dedicated to celebrating all the strong, beautiful women you know. (Although if you ask us, it should be a year long celebration!) To celebrate women everywhere the American Alpine Club sat down with six of their female climbers that crush, and crush HARD: Emily Harrington,… Read More »

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Mt. Shop goes to Reel Rock!

Around this time each year you might notice a change in your climber friends. They may be rearranging their climbing rack for the 11th time this week, or walking around the house with climbing chalk smeared on their faces like war paint. Some may even be caught practicing their grunts, trying to decide between a… Read More »

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202.25 Miles

200 miles of pedaling, blistering sun, and pain. This is what I think about as I pack for the Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, wondering what the heck did I get myself into. About 3 months ago signing up for the STP had sounded like a good idea. Back then 90 days seemed… Read More »

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Garmont Cosmos Issues

Dec 11, 2012 UPDATE: We had some down time in the shop, and decided to actually put the Cosmos to the ASTM Machine and see what the exact release values where. We looked at the Cosmos compared to the Scarpa Pegasus, we also looked at old and new Dynafit binding toe pieces, release in tour… Read More »

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Wild Country Helium Carabiner & Quickdraw Recall Notice

From Wild Country: For the safety of all of our customers we are issuing an immediate recall of certain batches of the Wild Country Helium carabiner and Helium quickdraws made with these carabiners. It has been established that all of the affected carabiners were delivered after July 15th 2012. If you own a Wild Country… Read More »

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