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In our continued effort to bring you the very best quality and highest performance gear, we’re very proud to announce our exclusive partnership with CiloGear. CiloGear (pronounced chee-low) makes some of the highest quality climbing and mountaineering packs on the market. With top notch fabrics, bomb-proof construction and designs that work flawlessly. Not good enough,… Read More »

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“Oregon High” we miss you!

I was wandering through our local landmark bookstore on Saturday, and, as usual, found myself browsing the climbing reference and guide section (I’ve mentioned my fondness for old outdoor books before). This time I scored some great finds: “Advanced Rockcraft” by Royal Robbins (1973), “A Climbing Guide to Oregon” by Nicholas A. Dodge (1975), and… Read More »

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“Rock for Climbing” – An Argument for Antiquity

I recently traveled back to my home state of Maine to visit family. While roaming around my old stomping grounds, I inevitably found myself wading through the small booths and dusty stalls of antique malls. For some reason, all the big antique malls in Maine are in converted chicken barns, which, combined with the musty… Read More »

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What’s New: Scarpa Maestrale

Ok, so it isn’t new, or really even changed from last winter. But, the Scarpa Maestraleis worth mentioning here.First, let me just say that we were stunned by the response to Maestrale’sintroduction last winter. It was our number one selling AT boot. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised, at $599 it’s one of the… Read More »

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Viva La Nina!

By now most obsessive PNW skiers have heard that NOAA is calling for another La Nina year. The predictions I’ve read have been for a “Mild La Nina,” which is what we had this last year. Looking at the maps you can really see the commonalities between last year, and what the guys and gals… Read More »

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