In our continued effort to bring you the very best quality and highest performance gear, we’re very proud to announce our exclusive partnership with CiloGear. CiloGear (pronounced chee-low) makes some of the highest quality climbing and mountaineering packs on the market. With top notch fabrics, bomb-proof construction and designs that work flawlessly. Not good enough, well, each pack was designed and built right here in Portland Oregon. That’s right, 100% PDX!

Graham, the designer and owner of CiloGear, sources most of his materials from pallets left over after larger companies have finished their production. These fabrics generally sit around Asian factories waiting for another use, and if none is found the fabric is burned. Once the materials are here in Portland, Graham and his crew make sure they use as much of the fabric as possible, producing less than 2% scrap waste! Each pack is also made to order, so there’s less waste.

Tyler carrying CiloGear owner Graham in the 75 Liter WorkSack, which can be converted for rescues.
None of this would mean anything if the packs didn’t fit, carry a good load, and have nice features. Check, check and check! The CiloGear packs have a minimal suspension system consisting of (at most) a removable double folded closed cell pad, a frame sheet and a single (super burly) aluminum stay. Smaller packs loos the frame sheet and stay, and the small 20 liter pack is just a basic ruck sack. Even with this, relatively, minimalist suspension, these packs are just as comfortable as others in their volume category. CiloGear packs fit well too, with multiple torso lengths and different hipbelts for men and women, as well as a second larger hipbelt size for men.
We’re kicking off our partnership by carrying a few of the basic models, with more to follow based on your input. Check out the CiloGear website and tell us if there’s anything you’d like to see in person. We’ll do our best to accommodate.

In stock now:

20L WorkSack
30L Ballistic WorkSack
45L WorkSack
60L WorkSack

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