Whether you're using ski, snowboard or hiking boots, an integral part to a pair of comfortable, personalized boots is the use of custom-molded footbeds. It's a total game changer that provides both foot and boot comfort, plus body alignment and better ski position during use.

For example, one common issue is the body compensating from arch elongation. This can cause major issues in your alignment, leading to pain. With new custom-molded footbeds, we can help aliviate this problem.

We start with the perfect footbed size, selected to support the natural shape of your foot and mimic your arch height and arch length. Then the fun customization process begins! Click below to follow along as your new footbeds are created, and then come by the shop to see what the hype is all about! 

Take an imprint of the foot to determine arch length, arch height and differences between each foot. The imprint from my foot shows a high arch and differences between the arch on each foot.

Start heating the insoles to mold, only takes 7 minutes to heat!

Step onto gel mold bags that will take the imprint of your feet. Align your knees with a 90 degree bend, even the front of toes, and make a straight line back with the heels.

Mark the center foot to make sure it aligns front to back

After the gel from the bags is lightly pressed in to support the arch, the material is pulled away from the toes and the ball of the foot is leveled in to capture the foot shape accurately

Insoles are trimmed if needed (these had to be trimmed for me because the length of my arch was short and the insole options they had available that day were not the correct length for me)

Warm malleable insoles are removed from the heating oven and pressed into the mold to start taking shape

Feet are pressed into the insoles and the molding process is on its way which only takes a few minutes!

Insoles are left to cool down and stabilize into the final shape

Small modifications can be made after they come out of the mold with a heating gun

Edges can be beveled to provide a perfect fit into the boot

Voila! Custom Sidas insoles that will support your natural foot shape and make your feet happy!