Quick and Dirty:

  • Versatile, responsive, and environmentally conscious; a true powerhouse built to perform in any condition the PNW can throw at it.
  • $699
  • 1850 grams for 183 cm length ski
  • WNDR Alpine - Vital 100 Camber 
  • Pros: high end performance, lightweight, sustainable
  • Cons: not ideal for super deep snow
  • Skis and splitboards are made in the USA with biotechnology consisting of an Algal Core, Algal Sidewalls, and Bio-based Resin. Certified B Corporation. Comes in Camber and Reverse Camber profiles.


I have been riding the Camber Vital 100’s ever since they came out. These skis are my go-to daily drivers whether I am spending long days out touring or ripping at the resort. Their weight to performance ratio makes them an ideal choice for a one ski quiver, especially if you’re looking for a ski to use in and out of the resort. For ski mountaineering in the PNW and beyond, these skis are unrivaled in my opinion. I have yet to find another ski with the versatility and performance of the Vital 100’s. They are nimble enough to easily flick around in the low angle trees and stiff enough to lay down deep grooves as you power high speed GS turns down your favorite face. I’ve skied some of the worst and best conditions on these skis; from golf ball sized chicken heads on Mt. Hood to bottomless powder in Alaska and never wished I had a different ski. All that really needs to be said about these skis is - when descending from a summit ridge down a rime covered headwall that transitions to chalky wind buff and ends in hot slushy pow you’ll be glad to have these skis underfoot.

Who it’s for:

  • Honestly, I’d recommend this ski to anyone - whether they’re a beginner or a professional, resort skier or hardcore ski mountaineer they will not be disappointed by this ski.
  • Ideal for variable conditions, touring, and a one ski quiver
  • The environmentally conscious skier - learn more

Similar Products:

The Vital 100’s are my choice compared to the other skis listed below because I found it has better all around performance when faced with a variety of different conditions. On top of that, I support WNDR Alpine’s mission to push the ski industry to become more sustainable by using new innovative materials and implementing sustainable manufacturing, packaging, and recycling practices. 

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Additional Staff Comments:

Karly - "I'm another die-hard WNDR Alpine fan! First off, this is the first B Corp certified ski manufacturer which is a big deal! Secondly, they're one of the few, if not only, ski companies who package their skis using paper not plastic. I'm a ski tech and it hurts me to see single use plastic wrapped around each ski and then around that pair of skis to "protect" them and keep them together; it is a massive source of unnecessary waste and isn't essential for shipping. 

Back to the skis: I've had the Vitals since they came out and I love them! I prefer to ski fast, on and off-piste, and in the backcountry. These skis excel at cutting through choppy crud with no chatter and float on powder with ease. I haven't been able to outski these skis in any conditions! As well as skiing phenomenally, the materials are high-quality, the graphics improve every season, and they put the environment first and foremost. WNDR Alpine is reducing their waste as much as possible. Including using cast offs from the ski making process to make displays! We have one in store, you should check it out. I've gotten many of my friends on these skis and they love them as much as I do! I love the brand, the skis, and their mission. 13/10 would recommend these skis to anyone."