The kids lease program helps outdoor families manage the challenges and costs of gearing up rapidly growing kids. We have performance Alpine and Nordic ski rentals for kids at a price that makes leasing a reasonable option over owning something kids will grow out of in a season or two. Kids will be properly fit in boots and skis that are tuned and waxed for the conditions we use them in.


The Alpine Lease program is for kids of all ages who want to get out on the slopes and learn the joys of snow sports. The package includes tuned and waxed skis and boots. The skis are fit and adjusted to properly release for the weight, age, ability and gender of the young skier. Alpine Ski Lease Package Price is $179.00 and includes free waxing while you wait during the season.


The Nordic lease program is especially for kids looking to learn to skate and classic. The combi  package includes a skate ski, a classic ski, a clever adjustable pole and a Combi Jr boot appropriate for both types of skiing. This package minimizes the gear management problems for parents’ of young skiers who want to develop both classic and skate technics without the burden of paying for and hauling around two pairs of boots and poles. The Fischer Nordic Ski Package is also selected to optimize the young skiers learning experience by being on quality performance skis. Nordic Youth Ski Lease Package for the season will be $189.00 and includes free additional waxing during the season to ensure lots of fun and ease skiing all winter long.  We also have a number of classic ski packages for kids up to 10 who are only focusing on classic technique for $89 for the season.