Everyone who comes into the Shop gets to meet Lindsey. She works the front desk and greets everyone who comes in with a warm, infectious smile!

Lindsey is all smiles all the time!

Lindsey is all smiles all the time!

Lindsey loves backpacking, hiking, camping, road biking, and good ol’ fashioned peak baggin’! That’s part of the reason she loves working at the Shop: she gets to connect with people, fellow employees and customers alike, about all these things she loves! Plus, she enjoys seeing the range of involvement of Portlanders in the outdoors.

Helping people get outdoors is not something Lindsey is new to. She used to work at an environmental education center where she led natural history programs for park visitors.

How did Lindsey get involved in the outdoors? Well, according to her, she didn’t really have a choice! Her mom worked as a state park ranger, and thus her family spent large quantities of her childhood tramping through the forests of Big Basin, learning to love the woods and all the creatures that call them home.

Lindsey by a lake

This is Lindsey’s second season working at the Shop. She moved here from California, where she studied biology at UC Berkley. This is why when Lindsey is not at the Shop, you can find her crouching in a field, quietly scribbling notes onto her notepad. As a field biologist she has studied a variety of birds, frogs, and small mammals. Most of her work looks at the effects of habitat fragmentation, or the breaking up of natural habitats by man made structures or their effects.

Lindsey with a deer mouse

Lindsey’s role model is her high school biology teacher. Her teacher was, and we quote, a bad a** who loved what she did, and wanted other people to love nature and science too! Lindsey said she wants to grow up to be just like her teacher! Well Lindsey, we think you are well on your way!

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