As the seasons change, so do our employees. It is the nature of the business. Outdoorsy folk are nomadic by nature, and must answer the call of adventure that constantly pulls at their hearts. But with each person that transitions into full on adventure mode, we gain an awesome new employee in the Shop.

We are very excited to welcome Ryan Lindell to the Mountain Shop family!

Welcome to the team Ryan!

Ryan is our new rentals manager and shop monkey…I mean shop tech. :-) He brings 15 years of experience in the outdoor industry to the table, which, coupled with a genuine passion for what he does makes him a great asset to the Mountain Shop team. When asked why he works in the outdoor industry his reply was simple and to the point: “I don’t want to get a ‘real’ job.” And honestly, who can blame him!?

When not hard at work tuning skis Ryan can be found crusing single track trails on his mountain bike or flying down a steep slope on his snowboard. Inspiration for his head first approach to life comes from his hero Sean McConkey. McConkey’s drive to push the envelope and progress his sport beyond what was deemed possible at the time, has heavily influenced Ryan’s philosophy on life.

Ryan looking stoic on the slopes!
Photo copyright Bryon Dorr

Ryan brings this same intensity and ferocity to the Shop where he is currently hard at work revamping the Shop’s rental fleet (not the easiest of tasks). Luckily he comes prepared with a strong background having worked previously at Next Adventure, Rack Attack, and Hillcrest. He also spent a 7 year stint in the heart of the ski industry, working and boarding in Colorado.

Thanks to Ryan’s hard work we now have the newest, shiniest, and most comprehensive rental fleet in Portland!

When asked what his favorite thing about working at the Shop was Ryan replied, “The people. Being surrounded by a group of like minded, adventerous people makes for a pretty incredible work atmosphere.” Well Ryan, we think you’re pretty awesome too. ;)

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