Mountain Shop is proud to be the exclusive
retailer for Alien Cams in Portland!

After Colorado Custom Hardware (CCH) stopped manufacturing the greatly desired Aliens, there was a void to be filled. Trusted climbing manufacturer Fixe Hardware, based in California, bought the patents and began manufacturing out of their factory in Spain. With the saturation of internet retailers Fixe was looking for a brick and mortar store with a long history and established climbing department. With our 75 years in business and our continued growth in our climbing department, we were a good fit. Unfortunately, we are currently authorized for in-store sales only, which means you won’t find Aliens or other Fixe products on our website. We are working with Fixe so that we will be able to sell online in the near future, but until such time, please call with questions on product or availability.

Why are Aliens so cool?

  • Internal Cam Springs allow a much more compact camming unit. With this system Aliens fit into smaller placements and have more cam surface area per width than other units.
  • Control Sheath operation allows true flexibility of the main cable stem and solid cam control. Cam walk and placement change are minimised. Deeper placements are possible, but don’t place the stem over sharp edges or so that permanent bending or damage will occur when the unit is weighted!
  • Secure grip and control.
  • Easy clipping and racking are provided by the cable loop.
  • Aliens come with a sewn Spectra runner.
  • Axles are machined from hardened stainless steel which is corrosion proof and resists flex.
  • The Internal Spring system allows the axle length to be minimised, which results in a short and virtually unbendable axle.
  • Cams are machined from 6061-T6 Aluminium extrusions, a grippy alloy with teeth.
  • Moderate cam angle of 16 degrees for greater holding power.
  • Sturdy aluminium handle and top puller are crimped to woven stainless tubular sheath material. A tubular nylon sock provides abrasion resistance. The sheath can be taped, but don’t tape tightly or it will cause drag in the operation.
  • The main cable is individually silver brazed 10mm deep to the stainless cable eye fitting. Nicopress copper cable fittings are used for the swaged connections.

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