Northwest Oregon Rock is Tim Olson’s newest title. Tim’s guidebook Portland Rock Climbs, has been a consistent seller- for a climbing guide. We’re incredibly excited to see some of our favorite climbing areas, some of which had been lost to the annals of out-of-print guides, make a resurgence in Tim’s book. We are a little bummed to see some of our best kept secrets go public!

Seriously though, Northwest Oregon Rock is a great book for any local climber who really wants to get out and get after it. We’ll have copies available for sale beginning this Friday 8/10/12.

From the author: [edited a bit by me]

Northwest Oregon Rock (NWOR) provides an intense look at the sport of rock climbing throughout Northwest Oregon. From rock pillars to alpine pinnacles, from tiny bluffs to huge vertical rock walls NWOR expands upon the Portland Rock Climbs theme by taking you on a grand tour of the great and unique treasures well beyond our local city crags.

NWOR incorporates a broad selection of rock climbing opportunities available within a relatively easy one-day drive from Portland, Oregon. Some of the new new climbing area’s covered by NWOR are:

  • Illumination Rock
  • Razorblade
  • Enola aka The Swine
  • Coethedral
  • Newton
  • Lamberson
  • Pete’s Pile
  • Bulo
  • Area51
  • Chimney Rocks
  • The RAT CAVE
  • Apocalypse Needles
  • Rabbit Ears
  • Clif Cliff
  • Wind Mountain
  • Windy Slab
  • Wankers
  • OH8
  • Horsethief
  • Needle Rock
  • Elephant Rock
  • Menagerie
  • Santiam Pinnacle
  • Iron Mountain
  • Two Girls
  • Skinners
  • Wolf Rock
  • Moolack
  • Spring Mountain
  • High Valley
  • Columbia Gorge Ice
  • Larch Mtn Boulders
  • Cascade Boulders
  • Plus tons more…

Each NWOR chapter provides an in-depth analysis of the regional rock climbing opportunities and shares a bit of all its tremendous variety that climbers might find, and educates users about long-term stewardship of our natural resources we enjoy climbing upon. NWOR also aims to give insight about the nuances of each climbing site, and encourages users to become involved in trail maintenance and other crag stewardship opportunities.

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