It’s that time of year again, Mountain Shop is having our annual Pajama Party Sale. This annual right of winter is now more than 30 years old, and we’re excited to carry the tradition to our new location (1510 NE 37th AVE). With the cooperation from our friends across the street at the Banfield Motel and MBank, we certainly have more parking than ever before.The Pajama Party Sale is our biggest and only scheduled sale of the year. It’s a fun event for families to come in, gear up, and enjoy some silliness.

Here’s how this years sale is going to run:

When: Saturday, February 25th from 7-11PMDiscount: 25% off the lowest marked price storewide!

Where: 1510 NE 37th AVE Portland OR, Parking on 37th or in the Banfield Motel or MBank Parking Lots


Do I have to where Pajamas to get the discount?
Yes, there will be no discount given unless you are wearing pajamas.

What counts as Pajamas? (Often asked: What if I sleep naked?)
This is a family event, please wear appropriate sleepwear; this includes, but is not limited to: Sweats and T-shirt, Pajamas, Onesies, Footy PJs and Bathrobes. Be creative and have fun, that’s what this is about.

Can I get a rain check on items not available during the sale?
No, the PJ discount applies to inventory that is in-stock and on-hand the evening and hours of the sale.

Can I place an item on hold for the sale?
We will not be holding items for the sale.

Can I pick up my special order during the sale?
Yes, however, any items you special ordered before the sale will not receive the PJ Sale discount, even if purchased during the sale.

Can I get the PJ discount on rentals or shop work?
No, the PJ discount is for retail products only. Rentals will not be available after 5PM on the date of the sale.

Can I get the PJ sale discount on items I purchased before the sale?
No, we will not allow any returns or exchanges during the sale.

Can I get the PJ sale price on items I purchase online or over the phone?
No, our sale is an in-store only event. We will not be marking any items online at the PJ discount, and we will not be taking orders over the phone during the sale.

Can return or exchange items I buy at the sale?
Yes, our normal return policy applies, however, you will not receive the discount on items received in exchanged for a returned sale item once the sale has ended.

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