Today people lucky enough to have known him are gathering to remember the short, but full life of Dasan Marshall.

In honor of this, we wanted to share one of our fondest memories of Dasan with those who love him. This story is from Jeremy Rooper, longtime friend of Dasan.

Dasan walking poles

“I got to know Dasan as a customer first, and right away took a liking to him. Dasan personified the reason I have stayed with the Mountain Shop so long. The passion he and many other customers (and coworkers) show for their activities in the mountains always motivates me and reminds me why I want to work here.

I wanted to pass on a story of a failed climb of Battlement Ridge on Mt Adams with Dasan from a few summers ago. This adventure started with Dasan battling a cold, but too stubborn to give up on the opportunity to get out and climb. We got to the trailhead and bivvied a lot lower than we would have liked.

Dasan sleeping bag

That night the Perseid Meteor Shower was in full affect. We watched the shooting stars and talked until probably 2am.

Our progress was incredibly slow that next morning. Throughout the day I was recalculating our forward progress every couple of hours. Eventually it became apparent that to complete the climb, I was probably going to be showing up at my house just in time for my wife to leave for work the next day. Probably not a good idea for those of you who know my wife.

I broke the news to Dasan and told him I thought we were going to have to turn around. We discussed the timeline for about 20 minutes. Disappointed, we turned around and started back. The whole way back we were scheming on a plan to come back with more snow, so we could avoid the horrendous choss we had been clambering around on. We got back to the trailhead after dark and hightailed it back to Portland.

Dasan chossDasan map

While we didn’t make it to the top and it took 6+ hours gaining 2,000 vertical feet over the course of a mile on the worst choss, scrambling around gendarmes the whole time, it was the highlight of my summer. Getting to spend 36+ hours with Dasan on Mt Adams that summer will be a memory I will always cherish and I am sad that we won’t be going back together to complete the climb.”


We love you Dasan. May you find peace and happiness in the mountains.



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