adventure bikingHave you been wondering what bikepacking is all about? Want to try a gravel grinder but don’t think you have a bike capable of handling the terrain? And what is the fat bike craze? We have your answers as we have undertaken Adventure Biking in a big way here at the Mountain Shop.
Our new fleet of adventure bikes from Salsa Cycles gives you access to a whole host of bikepacking adventures. Bikepacking is off-road trail touring on a mountain bike, with ultra-light camping gear. This focus on ultra-light gear keeps your bike handling nimble and comfortable. Some say the focus of bikepacking is enjoying the journey, but it also in equal parts about enjoying the destination!
Come rent a Mukluk fatbike or a Fargo gravel-grinding machine. Don’t forget about our Rent-to-Own program, which applies rental fees towards your purchase. Also, take a look at our Horsethief and Spearfish full-suspension mountain bikes, our gravel racing Warbird, and the smooth touring Vaya.
Choose from fatbikes, gravel bikes, full-suspension mountain bikes, or road bikes. Each of our adventure-ready bikes has been cleaned and tuned from the previous ride to keep you rolling along, and any worn or needed parts replaced, for an optimal ride. Rentals include multi-tool, tube, tire levers, mini-pump or CO2 and flat pedals. If you prefer to use your own pedals, we’ll swap them out for you. We’ll also fit your bike to you, and set up your suspension before you head out.
Rent a set of bike-frame packs, and our lightweight camping gear, and you’ll be ready for your own adventure by bike.


Salsa Horsethief 2
Day Rental (1 Night): $85


5”/130mm travel, alloy frame, SRAM 2×10, 29” wheels
Singletrack, remote trails


Salsa Fargo 2
Day Rental (1 Night): $50

3night: $90/7night $170

CroMoly frame, carbon fork, Thudbuster seatpost, SRAM 2×10, 29” wheels
Bikepacking, gravel grinding

Salsa Pony Rustler
Day Rental (1 Night): $85


4.75-5”/120-13mm travel, Pony rustler aluminum frame, SRAM GX1, 27.5 x 3” wheels
Single track, remote trails

Image result for salsa timberjack 27.5+

Salsa Timberjack
Day Rental (1 Night): $50

3night: $90/7night $170

Timberjack Aluminum, Hardtail w/front suspension, Sram GX1, 27.5 X 3″ wheels 
Bikepacking, singletrack

Salsa El Mariachi
Day Rental (1 Night): $50

3night: $90/7night $170

CroMoly frame, hardtail w/front suspension,Shimano SLX, 29” wheels
Bikepacking, Singletrack

Bikepacking (frame) Bags
Day Rental (1 Night): $4

3night: $8/7night $16

Bags available to rent: Visacha, Pika, Sweetroll, Tangle (med or small)
Bikepacking, off-road touring, all-around classic touring


Salsa Mukluk 2
Day Rental (1 Night): $50

3night: $90/7night $170

Alloy frame, SRAM 2×10, 26” x 3.8” wheels
Fatbiking, off-road touring

Bike Helmet
Day Rental (1 Night): $5

3night: $11/7night $23

ABS hard plastic shell, EPS segmented foam
  • You must be 18 years old (or accompanied by a parent/guardian) to rent bikes.
  • A valid ID and credit card are required at the time of rental.
  • Up to three rentals may be applied toward the purchase of new (non-sale) bikes, within six months.
  • Please note that we do not take reservations for rentals