Well everyone, winter has wound down. The snow has turned to rain, and the sun has finally started to peak through the clouds. For some of you this means biking, hiking, and yard work season has just begun.

But for the few who just must have snow in their lives, this time of year means the glaciers are starting to soften and its time to shred some slush!

It also may be time for some new, lighter weight gear. No longer will we be afforded the luxury of hunkering down for a blustery ride to the top on a frozen bench. Every ounce counts. Those baggy green pants won’t breath, nor will that gangster fit jacket.

But that’s another story, and you must still look the part while shredding the spring corn. Especially, all of us splitboarders who are found among those alpine touring and tele punks in increasing numbers each and every year.

To help aid in the mountain takeover by snowboarders, we are offering a 20% discount on all splitboards and splitboard bindings for the rest of June.

So strap on those skins, release that heal, split those boards, and flex those bellos. We will see you on those frozen masses, chutes, and couloirs that have once again hung around for our enjoyment.

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