Dana grew up skiing in New England, at storied landmarks like Mad River Glenn, and Tuckerman Ravine. After many years as a pro ski patroller and mountain rep for Kastle and LOOK, a knee reconstruction forced him off skis and on to a bike, for recovery. This sparked the start of his long relationship with cycling.
He began working with the U.S. Ski Team members, and Development team skiers at summer race camps in Montana. This is where Dana developed a love for Western skiing, the Pacific Northwest in particular. Working as a service tech in the Northeast for several years, and at the Olympics in Lake Placid helped Dana to hone his level of boot fitting and ski tuning expertise.
Dana moved to the Northwest in 1985 to become a Rep in the Ski, Outdoor, and Cycling industry. He is an avid cyclist and life long skier, and a student of the bio mechanics that make an excellent boot fit, and proper bicycle position possible.
He brings over thirty years of industry experience to the Mountain Shop as our Alpine Ski and Cycling Buyer. Dana knows that the best solution to your fit needs can only be attained through a meaningful dialogue. He is passionate about making your experience and performance the best it can be.


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