Guy initially involved himself in the outdoor industry to further his technical knowledge and skills for more challenging mountaineering and sea kayaking adventures, as well as to create some balance with his academic career. As for Guy’s favorite outdoor activities, his is more of a question of which activity comes next.
He is likely to participate in a new ski mountaineering race one weekend, then the next weekend is the Pole Pedal Paddle, and the next, who knows? Honestly, he loves them all! If Guy had to pick one favorite though, it would be sea kayaking to climb ice formations on Lake Superior. This activity has a special place in his outdoor way of life.
25 years later, Guy continues to find a balance between his passion for the outdoors and his love for learning as he continues to teach graduate students and conduct applied anthropological research and evaluation. This work has been largely devoted to working closely with Native American communities from Minnesota to the great North West.
Curious as to what’s next on Guy’s Ultimate Adventure List? He would like to Nordic ski all sixteen of the Worldloppett marathon races across Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.


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