Hi there! It’s me, Gradie the Mountain Shop dog again.

Just finished taking my owner for a walk, so I thought I’d finish telling you the story of how I came to Portland. When we last left off, I was getting wind up my nose as we drove away from Joe’s Valley, UT.

020Now my human and I had our sights and our noses set on Boulder, CO. We had heard tell that there was lots of adventuring to be had in this far off place. We drove for what seemed like days. I passed the time playing with my new chew toy and sleeping on my human’s warm lap. That was when I was a puppy, so I slept A LOT. Actually, now that I think about it, I still sleep a lot…

Anyways, I was asleep when the car stopped, and my cute little brown eyes blinked open to see a bunch of white stuff all over. It looked a lot like Joe’s Valley when we left. I thought it was weird that we were getting out of the car into this weird white blanket, but my human is very smart, so I followed her. Because of my short, stubby puppy legs I tumbled out of the car and into the white stuff.

It felt COLD!

I had to know what this stuff was so I smelled it. Lots. Most humans do not know this, but the best way to smell something is to bury your nose in it. Turns out, as I later learned, this white stuff is called snow.

After some more running and smelling, my human realized I was cold. She bundled me up in a sleeping bag and we kept on driving. She is a good human. As we drove, the snow melted away until there was no more white. We drove, and drove, and before I knew it we had arrived in Boulder, CO.


My human and I went for many nice walks through the streets of Boulder, which I loved. Everywhere I looked and smelled there were other dogs! And not a single cat to be seen. Cats are bad. Boulder is good.

There are also a ton of adventures to be had in Boulder. Within city limits you can find:

  • Bouldering at Flagstaff
  • Climbing on the Flatirons
  • Hiking in Chautauqua Park
  • Bike trails…everywhere
  • Rivers, creeks, and reservoirs for swimming… also everywhere


And that’s just in Boulder proper! As soon as you venture a little further out you’ll discover places like Boulder Canyon and Eldorado Canyon, which are absolutely chalk full of climbing (HA! Pun intended!). Boulder Canyon alone has over 1,500 routes!

Sleeping Gradie edited (1 of 1)

I had far too many adventures to tell you about all of them, so instead I’ll tell you the tale of one of my most awesomely epic adventures. Prepare yourself for a cat chasing good time!

My human and some of her friends wanted to clip bolts (aka, go sport climbing), so we piled into the dusty Subaru and made the 10 minute drive to Boulder Canyon. Upon arriving I discovered that this would be no ordinary approach. To get to the crag we were going to have to cross raging water! Now, I love swimming as much as the next dog…maybe even more…but there was no way I was going to swim that river.

Luckily, my human knew the trick to getting across. A metal cable was anchored in a large boulder and strung across the river to a tree on the opposite side. To this cable, commonly known as a tyrolean traverse, we attached ourselves. Due to my lack of opposable thumbs, my human loaded me into her backpack for the river crossing.

010Tyrolean traverese edited

What a rush!

Sliding across the cable, mere feet above the raging river, was incredible!

We spent the rest of the summer climbing, swimming, and adventuring our way through Colorado via Estes Park, Canon City, Gunnison, Garden of the Gods, and Colorado Springs. From there we looped through Wyoming (to check out the local Frontier Days rodeo, of course!), back through Colorado, and then on to southern California to visit my human’s family. After getting lots of pets and being proclaimed the cutest puppy of them all, we drove north to Portland.


Now Portland is my home and I love it here!

There are so many amazing spots for squirrel chasing, swimming, hiking, and skiing just waiting to be explored. Join me as I continue to explore the PNW and all its glory. After all, as Elanor Roosevelt said, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Until next time, adventure on and happy squirrel chasing, my friends!

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