Over Father’s day weekend my daughter, wife and I made a special trip to a rather remote mountain lake to do the activities my dad and I did virtually every Father’s Day. Ollalie Lake Resort proved to be the perfect setting, located due north of Mount Jefferson.

You start to realize just how special the place is going to be as you travel east down Highway 224 and Portland disappears into your rear-view mirror.  The drive is lovely and winding, flanking the Clackamass River, but becomes a bit more adventurous as you as you turn onto the easily missed Forest Service Road 4690.

Ollalie Lake 1

Upon arriving we met Diane Whitfield, the new owner of the resort. Diane set us up in the old Forest Service Guard Station, a lovely rustic cabin with everything we needed for our summer outing. The resort store was also well stocked with about everything you need to fish, hike, eat, and be merry. The numerous cabins and camp sites are scattered around the area, many with fantastic views of the mountain and it’s reflection in the lake.

Once settled in we went on a four mile circumnavigation hike of the lake to get a good feel for the surrounding area. Taking in views of fish jumping, the mirrored waters, while an eagle and an osprey play together in the sky above gives you a feeling of a place where you can really make some lasting memories.

We went for several paddles around the lake looking for the fishing holes, but find ourselves gazing at the trout through the clear water instead. The lake is stocked with some 7500 to 8000 fish annually, with several hundred larger fish thrown in just to add to your odds of pulling in a lunker. Father’s Day marked our first Oregon trout we had ever caught, my daughter dressed head to toe in my fly fishing gear.

Ollalie Lake 2

If you are looking for a remote lake wilderness area, or happen to be hiking through on the PCT and are in need of a place to lay your head, Olallie Lake Resort is just the place. The resort originated in 1932, and with few simple luxuries this place still omits that same rustic feel with wood burning stoves, kerosene lanterns, and no cell service.

I’ll be returning in August to soak up some of their wonderfully clean air for an annual Father and kids, “Bring them back alive,” camping trip. Much more can be said about Ollalie Lake, but one thing is certain, this magical place needs to be experienced with any and all of your outdoor loving friends and family.

- Guy Trombley

Mountain Shop General Manager


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