From Wild Country:

For the safety of all of our customers we are issuing an immediate recall of certain batches of the Wild Country Helium carabiner and Helium quickdraws made with these carabiners. It has been established that all of the affected carabiners were delivered after July 15th 2012.

If you own a Wild Country Helium carabiner or Helium quickdraw that was purchased after the 15th July 2012 please read this notice carefully and follow the instructions “How to Identify the Product” so that you can identify whether your product is from one of the affected batches.

Reason for the recall:

The Helium carabiner is one of the lightest full size carabiners in the world, featuring the Wild Country patented “clean-wire” snag free nose and exhibiting an extremely high gate open strength. The Helium carabiner has been manufactured in the UK since 2004. Upon receipt of the latest delivery at Wild Country we identified anomalies with the “Major Axis Gate Closed Tensile Test” results. An immediate investigation together with our long term manufacturing partner revealed a series of issues with the manufacturing process that could lead to problems in the forging of the nose of the carabiner. In those carabiners affected by the problem the gate may not engage properly with the nose causing the gate to slip off the nose under load and thereby significantly reducing the strength of the carabiner.

As we cannot guarantee that the carabiners with the identified batch codes meet the European Standard for
carabiners (EN12275) we are issuing an immediate notice to recall. We apologize for the inconvenience this
may cause and thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us to recover as many of the identified
carabiners as possible.

Our first priority is the safety of our climbing and mountaineering colleagues and customers, therefore we
have taken the decision to recall the Helium carabiners with the identified batch codes. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us to recover as many of the affected carabiners as possible.

How to identify the product:

The product affected is the Helium carabiner with any of the following batch codes:

Affected products, product codes and sales dates – This recall affects carabiners delivered after July 15
2012 so there is no need to worry if your carabiners or quickdraws were purchased before that date.
Affected products made and sold after that date may have been sold under any of the following product
descriptions and stock codes:

Product Description Stock Code EAN Barcode
HELIUM 10mm DYNEEMA 10cm QD 13HELI10QD10 5033286030817
HELIUM 10mm DYNEEMA 15cm QD 13HELI10QD15 5033286030824
HELIUM 10mm DYNEEMA 20cm QD 13HELI10QD20 5033286030831
HELIUM 5 PACK QD (5 x 10cm) 13HELI10QD510 5033286030855
HELIUM 10MM DYN QD 5 X 13 CM 13HELI10QD513 5033286030800
HELIUM 5 PACK (2×10 1×15 2×20) 13HELI10QD5ASS 5033286030848
HELIUM 5 PACK (1×10 3×15 1×20) 13HELI10QDNSASS 5033286031388
HELIUM – CLEAN WIRE – RED 13HELIA 5033286030527
HELIUM 5 COLOURS 5 PACK 13HELIA5C 5033286031838
HELIUM – CLEAN WIRE – BLUE 13HELIB 5033286031845
HELIUM – CLEAN WIRE – GOLD 13HELIG 5033286031852

Returning the product

It is important that you only return carabiners which are identified as having the relevant batch codes –
once identified correctly follow the instructions below.

Dealing with quickdraws:

If you have a quickdraw where one of the carabiners is affected please remove and return only the affected
carabiner and keep the rest of the quickdraw assembly ready for your replacement carabiner.
If you have a quickdraw where both carabiners are affected please return the full unit to Wild Country for a like replacement.

Where to send the product:

Please return your Wild Country Helium carabiner either:
1. To the retailer where you purchased the carabiner.
2. Directly to Wild Country headquarters in the UK.
3. To the Wild Country or national distributor.
You can find more information concerning contact addresses in “Return Addresses”

Information for the return of your replacement product:
Please make sure you securely attach your address, your e-mail and telephone number to any carabiner returned. Postage Costs – As a compensation for shipping cost, you will receive a complimentary Wild Country Wild Wire carabiner.

Return Addresses:

Mountain Shop:
Attn: Wild Country Recall
1510 NE 37th AVE
Portland, OR 97232

Wild Country USA:
PO Box 1007
Sandy, UT 84091

What will happen with my returned product?

We will replace your returned product as quickly and efficiently as possible with a new Helium carabiner.
This carabiner will have been produced with a revised manufacturing processes and an enhanced testing

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