29th October 2012

For the safety of all of our customers we are issuing an immediate recall of the Wild Country Ropeman 3.

If you own a Wild Country Ropeman 3 please read this notice carefully and follow the instructions “How to Return the Product”.

Reason for the recall:

The Ropeman III ascending device meets the requirements of EN567 (Mountaineering Equipment. Rope Clamps), however it has come to our attention that in certain circumstances, rather than locking on the rope as expected, the Ropeman III may slip when initially loaded.

This slippage is more likely to occur when the rope is under significant tension and the cam of the Ropeman III has not been specifically set in position on the rope by the user.

Once the cam has been properly located on the rope and the Ropeman 3 loaded without slippage the device will perform as expected. Never-the-less we recognize that there may well be scenarios particularly in difficult conditions such as poor weather, extreme fatigue or during the course of an accident where the Ropeman 3 may not in our opinion be fully relied upon to meet the reasonable expectations of the user.

Our first priority is the safety of our climbing and mountaineering colleagues and customers, therefore we have taken the decision to recall the Ropeman 3 with immediate effect. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

How to identify the product


Product Description: Wild Country Ropeman 3 Blue / Red
Wild Country Ropeman 3 Red / Blue Synergy Lite Set.
EAN Barcode: 14ROPE3B = 5033286040458 / 14ROPE3R = 5033286040472 / 14ROPE3BSET = 5033286040465 / 14ROPE3RSET = 5033286040489
Batch Codes Affected: LAL, LBL, MMA, MMB, MMC, MMD, MME, MMF, MMG, MMH, MMJ

The products marked with the batch codes listed above can be identified by their aluminium ridged cam. Following product modification future Ropeman 3 will have a stainless steel toothed cam.

Product not affected
Please note the Ropeman 1 and Ropeman 2 are NOT affected by this recall.
How to return the product

Please return the Wild Country Ropeman 3 either;
To the retailer where you purchased the Wild Country Ropeman 3.
Directly To EXCALIBUR (US distributor for Wild Country)

Contact Information – Please make sure you securely attach your name, UPS delivery address (no POB’s), your e-mail and telephone number to any unit returned.

Return Address for USA based consumers, only:
9715 Kelly Brook
Sandy UT 84092
Ph. 801.942.8471

What will happen with my returned product?
Wild Country will deal with your product as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Wild Country will replace your Ropeman 3 with your choice of Ropeman 1 or Ropeman 2 together with locking carabiner.

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