Quick and Dirty:

  • Dynafit Ultra 100 Trail Running Shoe
  • Mountain shop stocks the Men's and Women's Ultra 100 in Nimbus/Black Out
  • A responsive distance shoe with good cushion
  • $169.95
  • Pros:  Good Cushion, Responsive, Sticky sole
  • Cons: Funky Fit


The Dynafit Ultra 100 shoe is an outstanding choice for trail runners seeking a lightweight and versatile option. With its excellent balance of cushioning and responsiveness, this shoe provides a comfortable and supportive ride on various terrains. I’ve found it strikes a nice middle ground, with enough cushion for long distances, but feels substantially more nimble and grippy than other more cushioned models. The Vibram sole provides reliable traction, even on challenging surfaces. The breathable upper keeps your feet cool during long runs, and the snug fit prevents slippage. While I haven’t owned them for very long, the upper is well built, and seems like it will last a long time. Overall, the Dynafit Ultra 100 is a top-notch trail running shoe that delivers on performance, comfort, and durability.

I would watch out for the sizing however. I found I had to go a half size up from my normal running shoe size to get a comfortable fit. I definitely would recommend trying them on before buying, to make sure you get the right size. Perhaps you could try them at a local Portland outdoor shop that opened its doors over 85 years ago.

Who it’s for:

This is for the person who enjoys long runs on technical trails, or long runs in general.

Similar Products

Hoka Speedgoat - This shoe provides more cushion in my opinion, and I love it for flat runs. However, the Ultra 100 sole and fit are much better for more technical trails.

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