There’s a new tent brand at the Mountain Shop. They are called Samaya, and they make the newest,
highest tech alpine tents on the market. These are the tents of choice for some top athletes like Colin
Haley and Killian Jornet. Samaya tents are designed in Annecy, France, prototyped in the French Alps,
and used all over the world.

Single wall tents have always had their condensation issues in the wet Pacific Northwest. Samaya
mitigates this with their use of a proprietary air-permeable membrane called Nanovent. This fabric
boasts a super impressive 40,000g/m2 breathability, which is almost twice as breathable as the most
breathable GoreTex. Their tents also include a Dyneema composite floor, continuous pole sleeves and
self-equalizing guy lines.

The model we have decided to start with is the Samaya 2.5, a dome style tent that is roomy for 2, or an
emergency 3 person tent. The dome shape gives you strength in all directions, so if the wind shifts, you
don’t have any broad side to catch the wind. With no included vestibule, you’ll appreciate the extra
space when you have gear for both you and your climbing partner, or if you need to wait out a storm.
There are also two large storage pockets along the wall and an overhead storage shelf hanging below
the roof vent, perfect for drying socks or gloves.

All these features at under 4lbs will make the Samaya 2.5 a very attractive shelter for someone looking
for a storm worthy, roomy, four season shelter for wherever your alpine pursuits take you.