Quick and Dirty:

  • Atomic Bent Chetler Family (90, 100, 110)
  • These skis can take on just about anything!
  • Regular price: $675 (90), $800 (100) or $900 (110)
  • Pros: Flexible, forgiving and floaty, playful in almost any snow conditions.
  • Cons: Might be a bit soft and slow for some. Not built for those who like to charge hard.


The Atomic Bent family of skis is a versatile group that can handle just about any snow conditions. I personally purchased the Bent 100’s after skiing them at Demo days 5 years ago, and every time I use them I’m reminded why I purchased them. I have them mounted with old Marker F10 frame touring bindings, but would couple them with the Shift bindings if I had it to do over. Pairing the 110s with a touring binding that has an alpine focus makes them the ideal set up for those “Hey, wanna ski up Rainier tomorrow” days, the “It just dumped 3 feet of powder, let’s go!” days, and the I slept in too late, got to the resort at 9:00 on Saturday of a Holiday weekend and all the runs are skied out days. I have never had a bad ski day on my Bent 100s, no matter what the conditions!  Last year I got to try out the Bent 90s and they performed amazingly well on groomed packed snow, but this year I was able to test the Bent 90, Bent 100 and Bent 110s side by side in the same conditions. Although the snow conditions were less than ideal for the Bent 90s, they still had great float, turnability and held their edge at higher speeds, even in the skied out slop. The Bent 100s provided a higher level of control in the soft, mushy snow, but the Bent 110s were the star of the day! The 10 mm of extra width provided just enough coverage to get just a little more float, a little more control, and a little more edge. There’s a time and a place for the Bent 90’s, but the Bent 100s and Bent 110s are two of the most versatile skis I have ever used! 

Who it’s for:

Bent 90: Someone who enjoys groomed runs and the occasional foray into the terrain park.  
Bent 100: Anyone who needs a ski that can perform well in a range of snow temp, depth and varying conditions. Built to enjoy the ride and encourages the skier to take in their surroundings on the way down. An amazing ski for someone who wants a bomber Alpine set-up, but likes to tour on occasion. 
Bent 110: THE ski when you know it’s gonna be DEEP, or it’s 38 degrees and raining and you still want to have fun. 

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